Enterprise Development Services

We are well known for our work in equipping SMEs in Sierra Leone; having supported the establishment and growth of more than 2,500 entrepreneurs and businesses for over a decades. 

Our Mission

EDS was founded on the belief that every dream deserves a chance to soar. Our mission is to be the catalyst of change, to inspire the spark of brilliance, and to empower the next generation of Sierra Leone’s changemakers. We embrace creativity, foster innovation, and cultivate an ecosystem of support that nurtures dreams into thriving realities.

About us

Empowering Sierra Leone's Changemakers and Trailblazers

At EDS, we stand as the vanguard of entrepreneurial empowerment in Sierra Leone. For more than a decade, we have nurtured and guided over 2,500 passionate entrepreneurs and businesses on their journey to success. We believe in the power of dreams and the transformative potential of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in driving economic growth and prosperity.

Our Services

As the heartbeat of innovation, we offer a dynamic range of services designed to ignite the spark of brilliance and turn aspirations into tangible achievements

Product Development and Business Model Designs

Embrace the power of creativity as we craft visionary products and cutting-edge business models tailored to your unique vision and goals.

Talent Management

Unlock the true potential of your team with our expert talent management strategies. We help you identify and attract top talent, foster a culture of growth, and retain the best minds to drive your enterprise forward.

Go to Market

Conquer the market with unwavering confidence. Our strategic insights and market-savvy approach empower you to navigate uncharted waters, seize opportunities, and establish a strong presence.

Access to Capital

We understand that dreams need financial wings to soar. Our extensive network and expertise in getting funding opportunities open doors to a world of capital sources, enabling you to fuel your vision and scale new heights.

Business Operations Management

Harness the secrets of seamless operations and peak efficiency. Our experts analyze, optimize, and streamline your business processes, ensuring every cog in the machinery works harmoniously for exceptional performance.

Our Impact

At EDS, we measure our success through the achievements of our clients

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SMEs and Entrepreneurs Nurtured
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Let your entrepreneurial spirit take flight with LBD by your side. Experience the power of collaboration, expertise, and relentless passion as we chart your path to success.

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